Community Graphs

Unlocking new social coordination tools

Representing Group Memberships

Social graphs map one-to-one relationships, and Community Graphs map the groups that those relationships take place within.

Combining these tools allows us to facilitate higher quality interactions, better coordinate group activities, and build more robust trust and reputation systems.

Membership Levels

Community memberships exist on a continuum, representing not only who belongs to which group, but the extent of their involvement.

Members attest for one another in a fully privacy-preserving manner, and Quadratic Voting is combined with Web of Trust to derive membership levels.

These levels can be used to grant access and improve governance to more effectively guide communities’ development.

Expanding Trust & Reputation

With Community Graphs, we can build and leverage trust and credibility within and across communities.

These trust and reputation systems unlock many new social coordination tools, such as:                                   

Open Ecosystem

Community graphs is fully modular and composable at every level of the stack:                                

  • Different community governance mechanisms and voting algorithms
  • Identity, attestation and reputation systems
  • Social media features and functionality

Anyone can build new tooling and applications, or plug in to serve various communities.                                     

Come build with us

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